Drawabox Lesson 1

This is used to record the thoughts and results from the Drawabox exercise. At the same time, according to the 50% rule, I will be drawing figures or objects from the Atmosphere’s Sketch book as the random drawing. Maybe in the future, I will choose images from Pixiv.

Exercise 1 - Superimposed Lines

This is an exercise to practice the confidence to draw lines smoothly by shoulder. Since I’ve already took two years’ training for sketches, it is an easy exercise for me.

Exercise 2 - Ghosted Lines

This exercise is an excellent mindset for drawing. It breaks down a usual drawing of line to three phases:

  • Planning: think about the task that mark is meant to accomplish
  • Preparation (ghosting): Ghosting is the act of going through the motion of drawing a mark, but without actually touching the page. This will help convey to your arm the “orders” you determined in the planning step, and will develop some short-term muscle memory. As you practice the use of this technique more and more (over days, weeks, months, etc.) you’ll find what number of times you should repeat this motion. The focus is ultimately on getting “comfortable” and “familiar” - what these words really mean for you will come from experience.
  • Execution: Executing the mark with confidence

When I looked the three phases, I immediately recall the previous experience when I was drawing on digital pad. Since I had the ability to backtrack the work that I did in PC, I didn’t pay much attention to the lines. Whenver I was not comfortable with the lines that I just drew, I would directly delete it and try for another time until I got a satisfying result. It is a bad habit because I learnt nothing from it. My arm didn’t practice to draw the line that I want, but it just relied on the luck. By applying the above tech, I believe that over the time, it will be very easy to draw the expected lines without too many shots.